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Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Mar 1 22:24:32 CET 2005

brian wrote:
> I totally agree....but that being said...I want to make sure its not
> something on my server causing the problem. Im on a windows 2003
> server.

Python runs fine on a Windows 2003 server.  Maybe they can
package up a stripped version of the code that still reproduces
the problem and you can just run it locally.

Alternatively, find a utility that can send "canned" HTTP
requests and use it to duplicate the effect of what they're

The key to troubleshooting any problem of this sort (complex,
networks, etc) is to partition.  Come up with tests which
prove that the problem is on one side or the other, often
by eliminating the other side as a potential cause.  You
can run stuff on your server, proving that it's not the
cause.  You can do things like insert delays as I suggested
before (which will often make the problem go away, generally
leading quickly to a proof of exactly which component the
problem is in).

Also, you haven't mentioned that you've checked the logs
on your server and seen any evidence that the third request
was received.  Nor that you've attempted to monitor the traffic
on the network using a utility that can show you exactly
what traffic went which way and when.

> Let me also throw this into the mix....before we went down the HTTP
> post route we first tried to post data directly into MSSQL, but we were
> getting connection errors. Im inquiring with "them" if they also used
> Python to do this, Im assuming the answer is yes.

There are so many things likely to be different in that situation
that I'm not sure you'll learn anything, unless exactly the
same error was produced, and probably not even then.

Keep in mind that there are people who do this sort of
troubleshooting work for money.  Often they're well worth
it because they'll save you far more time and aggravation
than it will cost you to hire them...

-and-some-like-to-give-it-away-too-ly y'rs,

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