wxPython vs. pyQt

Andrew E andrew at nospam.com
Sun Mar 20 20:48:13 CET 2005

John J. Lee wrote:
>>The key question from my point of view is: can I write commercial
>>sell-if-I-want-to applications using Qt? If it is GPL, then I guess
>>the answer is 'no'?
> Yes, you can write commercial apps.  It's multi-licensed (commercial,
> GPL, etc.): you get to pick the license(s) you want to use.  Read the
> licenses.
> PyQt's licensing follows Qt's very closely, so no real complications
> there.  Note PyQt (including a Qt license for use only with PyQt) is
> actually far cheaper than Qt alone (if you buy Blackadder).

ok, thanks. I've just had a quick browse of the licence notes at the 
PyQt website.

I guess I meant: "can I write commercial closed-source software *without 
paying anything for Qt" - to which I sounds like the answer is 
definitely "No" :)


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