python reading excel thru ADO ?

Chris Curvey ccurvey at
Mon Mar 14 19:06:16 CET 2005

Chris Curvey wrote:
> Windows-specific question for you all...
> I've been reading 
> , which seems to infer that I can read an Excel file using the ADO 
> interface with Python on Windows.  Unfortunately, the usual problem with 
> ADO -- connection strings -- is raising it's ugly head.
> Has anyone made this work, and would you share the connection string 
> that you used?
> Thanks!
> -Chris

Chalk up a brain fart for me!  I was doing "", not 
"connection.Open()", and the error message made me think that there was 
a problem with the connection string.

Thanks all!


P.S.  The proper URL above ends with "ado-connection.php"

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