Can't seem to insert rows into a MySQL table

Stephen Prinster prinster at
Sat Mar 12 20:05:43 CET 2005

grumfish wrote:
  The rowcount of the
> cursor is 1 after the execute is 1 and the table's auto_increment value 
> is increased for each insert done. 

If the auto_increment is increased, then it seems like the row was 
inserted.  Are you sure the problem is not with your SELECT attempt? 
Just a guess, but it seems like the first time I used MySQLdb, I was 
confused by the need to do a "fetchall()" (or "fetchone()" or 
"fetchmany()") after executing the SELECT.

Something like this (not tested):

result = cursor.execute(SELECT * FROM edict WHERE kanji = 'a')
print result.fetchall()

Steve P.

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