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"Roose" <b at b.b> writes:

> > Except from a the standard, powerful,
> > looks-good-everywhere-and-has-a-tree-widget GUI toolkit? :)
> >
> > Seriously, I think this is *very* important.
> Yes, and a modern toolset/IDE.  Generators and decorators and all that are
> nice, but their usefulness pales in comparison to having a decent IDE or GUI
> toolkit.
> Though I might disagree that Java has a good GUI toolkit, it has better
> tools than any language out there IMO.  And I don't really like Java
> personally.

"Modern toolset/IDE"?  Them's fightin' words. 

Since Babbage figured out stored programs and the transistor made them
viable, we have learned a crucial lesson: Whatever you want to think
about, make sure it can be programmed.  Do NOT require

>From this perspective a mouse-driven GUI for generating code or GUI
designs is a horse-and-buggy concept.  Instead, a programmer uses
dynamic programming and (as needed) static code generation.  He/she
captures rules needed to generate appropriate GUIs and only
hand-tweaks the results when the rules cannot be fully understood
(artistic stylings).

Now, what is the best way to capture rules and algorithms?  It is a
powerful-yet-succinct language in an editor which supports a fast
think-edit-run cycle.  IDEs do a lot of things but generally don't win
this contest; text editors do.  Give me python in emacs any day.  Let
my Extreme Programming partner use whatever editor he/she likes, and
we'll refresh our editor buffers when we change chairs.  IDEs just gum
up the works.

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