Bug in threading.Thread.join() ?

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Thu Mar 24 18:32:22 CET 2005

I'm still trying to understand the behaviour that I'm
seeing but I'm already pretty sure that it's either
a bug, or something that would be considered a bug if
it didn't perhaps avoid even worse behaviour.

Inside the join() method of threading.Thread objects,
a Condition named self.__block is acquired, and then
the wait logic is executed.  After the wait() finishes,
self.__block is released and the method returns.

If you hit Ctrl-C while the join's wait() is occurring,
you'll raise a KeyboardInterrupt and bypass the
release() call.  (I'm observing this on Win XP with
Python 2.4 but have no reason to think it wouldn't
work the same on other platforms, given the docs
on signals and such.)  If you do this, the thread
you were waiting for will never be able to complete
its cleanup because __bootstrap() calls __stop()
and that tries to acquire the same Condition object,
which has never been released.  (I suspect this will
happen only if its the MainThread that is doing
the join() call since KeyboardInterrupts only occur
in the main thread.)

A simple try/finally in join() appears to solve the
problem, but I'm unsure that this is a good idea,
partly because I'm a little surprised nobody else has
found this problem before and I lack confidence that
I've really found a bug.

Anyone have thoughts on this?  I'll file a bug
report shortly unless someone can point out the
error in my reasoning or a reason why this must be
the way it is.


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