wxPython vs. pyQt

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Sat Mar 19 05:55:23 CET 2005

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> Of course, the licensing terms may still be too restrictive for those
> that want to create comercial closed source applications and can't
> afford the comercial license of Qt.  That is why, for many, wxPython
> will remain the preferred choice.
> Being that you are inclined use Xemacs and xterm for your development,
> I don't think you will have too much trouble with either one.
> Currently, I think the choice between Qt and wx boils down to this:
> Type of app   -   Choice   -   Reason
> GPL or Company use only app - Qt - It is easier, cleaner, etc.
> Commercial Closed Source  - Qt - Don't mind the license cost.
> Any type  - wx - It is free.
> Other (lesser, I think) considerations, however, may bee the appearance
> of the app.  On linux/KDE you may prefer the Qt native look.  On
> Linux/GNOME you may prefer wx's GTK native look.  On Windows, wx is
> completely native, while I can't speak for Qt's look since I have never
> seen it, but I know it is not completely native looking.

I use Qt under Windows and the look and feel is completely native.
The best thing to do is to judge for yourself. Trolltech's website has
example screenshots of Qt applications under X11, Windows and Mac OS X.

For example 3rd party apps, look at:
and http://www.trolltech.com/success/index.html

For Trolltech's Qt tools, look at:

Personally for ease of use Qt is the way to go. I'm really looking forward
to Qt 4 coming out, and then sometime later PyQt 4. Then I'll be able to
develop with my favourite APIs (Qt, OpenGL, and OpenSceneGraph) under a
completely Python environment - heaven from a development perspective.


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