newbie help doodle4 at
Wed Mar 23 22:57:10 CET 2005

      unsigned char *buf,
      unsigned long size,
      CODE code)
   unsigned long data
   switch (code)
      // Generate some test patterns
      case TEST1 :
                   value = 0x0;
                   while (size--)
                       *buf++ =  (unsigned char)value++
      case TEST2 :

   unsigned char buf[512];
   CODE code = TEST1

   # The index number is passed from the command line
   # It corresponds to one of the two buffers

   # if index = 1 corresponds to buf1 and if index = 2 corresponds to

   buf1 = getBuf(index1);
   testme( buf1, 512, code);

   return 0x0;

This is snippet code trying to generate some test patterns.

How do i manage multiple buffers in python. Is it possible?

If the index number at command line is 2, then buffer 2 is passed to

I went through the Python tutorial and could not find much information.

Any help with python examples is appreciated.

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