Tons of stats/opens to non-existing files increases Python's startup on loaded NFS servers

Quentin Crain czrpb at
Thu May 5 23:15:19 CEST 2005

Hello All:

I am being told by my systems people that the load on
the NFS servers is nasty. Our python installs are up
on NFS. Also, on a bureaucratic note, I have very
little input/control into the python builds (sigh).

I have found the following (linux):

strace -f -F python2.2.2 -c 'pass' |& fgrep '(No such
file or directory)' | wc -l
 ===> 57

strace -f -F python2.4 -c 'pass' |& fgrep '(No such
file or directory)' | wc -l
 ===> 161

Whoa!! After looking at what is being stat'd or
open'd, it looks like 'encodings' is new in 2.4 and,
even "worse", everything is looked for as a zip first.

Python start-up is significantly slowed when it has to
look for non-existent files on loaded NFS servers, and
becomes particularly costly when using python for cgi.

Is there any documentation I can read to understand
Python's start-up and how I might resolve this? Of
course, any other ideas and comments are welcome!


  Quentin Crain

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