Making immutable instances

Giovanni Bajo noway at
Thu Nov 24 08:52:10 CET 2005

Mike Meyer wrote:

> Note that this property of __slots__ is an implementation detail. You
> can't rely on it working in the future.

I don't "rely" on it. I just want to catch bugs in my code.

> I'm curious as to why you care if people add attributes to your
> "immutable" class. Personally, I consider that instances of types
> don't let me add attributes to be a wart.

To catch stupid bugs, typos and whatnot. If an instance is immutable, you can't
modify it, period. If you do it, it's a bug. So why not have the bug raises an
exception, rather than go unnoticed?

I don't see your point, either. Why would you want to add attributes to an
object documented to be immutable?
Giovanni Bajo

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