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On 3 Nov 2005 18:28:49 -0800, Brett Hoerner <bretthoerner at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I've been asked by my boss to put an Icon in WinXP's "My Computer" for
> > a utility we use around the shop. My tool of choice is of course
> > Python and therefore what I am using to attempt my given task. I have
> > no trouble putting Icons in the WinXP Toolbar using Python, but have
> > totally failed to get an Icon to appear in My Computer. Any Idea on
> > why and maybe how to get around this using Python?
> I'm pretty sure the My Computer menu is limited to devices and special
> Windows folders like My Documents, etc. I've never seen a program add
> an icon there, and I don't think its allowed through the API.
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If this can be achieved at all, it would be through the windows registry. I
know you can change all the icons for the recycle bin and special folders
through it. . .I would figure adding folders might even be under the same
key. Try google.
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