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Mike Meyer mwm at
Sat Nov 19 00:37:29 CET 2005

Micah Elliott <mde at> writes:
> On Nov 18, skip at wrote:
>>     Grant> Obligatory aside: I'm completely baffled why anybody would choose
>>     Grant> the mailing list format over Usenet.  I don't even read mailing
>>     Grant> lists via mailing lists.  I recommend's NNTP server for
>>     Grant> all your mailing list needs.
>> For the same reason I don't like web forums as a means of
>> communication.  I would much rather operate in an interrupt-driven
>> mode than have to remember to poll some external service to get my
>> daily helping of information.
> Agreed!

That's actually how I decide which form I want to use. Mail lists for
thigns I want to interrupt me, newsgroups for things I want to poll.

> If you have any suggestions for console-based newsreaders, I'm all
> ears.  I have tried to setup "tin" in the past but the voluminosity of
> its documentation made me give up.

Gnus. Not only will it run in a console, but when run in an X
environment, it'll give you (user-configurable) menu bars, tool bars,
and clickable articles.

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