Python doc problem example: gzip module (reprise)

Mike Meyer mwm at
Sun Nov 6 05:26:26 CET 2005

Paul Rubin <> writes:
> Mike Meyer <mwm at> writes:
>> > It's only -because- of those licenses that there's any reason not to
>> > bundle.
>> Actually, there are other reasons, just as there are reasons besides
>> licensing for not simply including third party libraries into the
>> standard library.
> I'm not talking about 3rd party libraries, I'm talking about 3rd party
> documentation for modules that are already in the Python standard
> library.

So am I. My point is that many of the considerations as to why you
don't simply include a module in the library also apply when it comes
to including documentation in the distribution. I gave some examples,
including why they were important for *documentation*, but you
carefully elided those.

> For example, if someone wrote a good Tkinter manual that
> were licensed in a way that the PSF could drop it into the Python
> distro, then PSF should certainly consider including it.  The same
> goes for good docs about urllib2, or various other modules that
> currently have lousy docs.

The key word is "consider". They have to deal with all the issues I
pointed out before, of which licensing is just the beginning.

> Sorry, I meant:
> (html)
>   (pdf of same)
> You've probably seen this manual already.

Yes, I have. I still say the only good documentation is Grayson's

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