How to get started in GUI Programming?

malv malvert at
Fri Nov 25 19:29:52 CET 2005

I suggest you take a look at Qt3, much superior to Tkinter or PyGtk.
With Python, you have to use PyQt bindings.

peter.mosley at wrote:
> I am trying to learn GUI programming in Python, but have to confess I
> am finding it difficult.
> I am not an experienced programmer - just someone who from time to
> time writes small programs for my use.  Over the years I have moved
> from GWBASIC to QBASIC to Visual Basic, and now trying to move across
> to a Linux platform.  Python seems to be the best compromise between
> the limitations of command line basic programming and the total
> incomprehensibility of C.
> Googling around it seems the best GUI is either Tkinter or PyGtk.  I
> found a book which recommended PyGtk, as it had a graphical design
> option,  Glade.  Coming from a VB background I latched onto that and
> bought the book (Beginning Python, Wrox), but it was a disappointment
> (or more accurately a complete waste of money) - there was
> insufficient detail in the text.
> I've found the tutorial and reference manual on the PyGtk web site,
> but although I've made some progress, I keep reaching points where I
> have insufficient background to understand them. Currently I'm stuck
> on dialog boxes (the code seems immensely complex for the equivalent of
>   MsgBox("Do you really want to do this ",vbYesNo) and I haven't
> got it to work properly yet) and loading graphical images in anything
> other than their original size, but every new step brings another
> struggle
> I've seen reference to a Tkinter book - something like 'Python
> and Tkinter Programming' but it seems to be out of print and
> unavailable.
> Can anyone offer any suggestions as to the least painful way forwards?
> (Email address was valid once but has long since been abandoned to
> spam. Please rely via newsgroup)

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