bsddb185 question

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Tue Nov 22 21:07:23 CET 2005

    thakadu> Ok but if you read my original post I already said that! 

Sure, I did.  I was recapping what the purpose of the bsddb185 module is and
why its API is not likely to change.

    thadaku> The issue is that I have an application that needs to share
    thakadu> data with an existing Berekeley db 1.85 database and
    thakadu> applications in perl.  Sure if I was creating the database
    thakadu> myself I would use the newer bsddbmodule but I can't require
    thakadu> the perl code be rewritten, so is there any way in Python to
    thakadu> read and write to a legacy 1.85 Berkely db?

Yup.  Use the bsddb185 module and suffer with the older API.  Note that
part of the reason the API it exposes is so feeble is that the underlying
1.85 Berkeley DB library doesn't provide anything better.  The API you've
become used to with the later bsddb module is only available because the
underlying library API is more complete.


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