JMS yet again

ken.faulkner at ken.faulkner at
Wed Nov 16 11:23:45 CET 2005

I've seen various posts over the years asking if python can be used to
communicate with JMS queues (whether MQ series, Jboss queues etc etc).

I've seen solutions such as pymqi (good for MQ, but not for jboss I
believe), and JPype.

This must seem an obvious question, but has anyone actually tried to
reimplement JMS messaging nativelly in Python?

I personally dont know the details of JMS, or if there is *something*
about it which would make it only really possible in Java (cant think
of what it could possibly be), but surely a Python version should be

Isn't the JMS spec publically available?

Yes, this isn't a trivial application.... but *surely* someone has
tried it?


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