strange behaviour when writing a large amount of data on stdout

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Nov 23 18:18:34 CET 2005

Manlio Perillo wrote:

> >>>>> print data
> >>
> >> Traceback (most recent call last):
> >>  File "xxx", line xxx, in ?
> >>    print data
> >> IOError: [Errno 12] Not enough space
> >
> >errno 12 is ENOMEM (that is, the system did not have enough memory
> >to finish an operation).
> However I think the error message is not a good one.
> Better a "Not enough memory"

the message text is provided by the operating system (or rather, by
the C library).  I'm not sure rewriting error messages is a good thing...

(if Python itself runs out of memory, it'll raise a MemoryError instead)


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