Tix BUG? Where to submit?

Ron ronpro at cox.net
Mon Nov 14 20:34:12 CET 2005

I've been developing a piece of software using Tix.  In particular, I'm 
using the HList widget.  I was attempting to use the info_bbox() mentod of 
that class to get the bounding box of a list entry.  I'm using the release 
version Python 2.4.2.  When I look in Tix.py I see that info_bbox() is not 

Well, I don't know much about the library, Tk or Tix but it appears that all 
the other methods are implemented.  Using those as templates I attempted to 
add the function just to see what would happen.  I added the folloing to 
Tix.py line 961.

    def info_bbox( self, entry ):
       coords = self.tk.call( self._w, 'info', 'bbox', entry ).split( ' ')
       return map( int, coords )

Surprising to myself, this was all that it took to make this work.  So I'm 
not sure why this method was left out.  Could it have been an oversight?

Anyway, where would I subit this report to have it considered that this be 
added to Tix?

Thanks for your help.

Ron Provost 

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