Compiling Guppy-PE extension modules

Sverker Nilsson at
Tue Nov 29 20:53:31 CET 2005

I have been informed that Guppy-PE (
has failed to compile its extension modules with a Microsoft .NET 2003
compiler under Windows 2000.

[To the person who informed me about this in an email per 27 Nov:
    Thanks for your message.
    I couldn't reply to you because your email address bounced my

One of the problems, seems to be string constants in the C source that
contain newlines. I am using GCC on Linux so, I missed this with the
standard warning options. Compiling with -pedantic reveals 'a lot' of
places where this is a problem.

I could fix this but it takes some work and it makes the source code
less readable so I was wondering ...

Is this a common problem? Or maybe it is just the compiler version
mentioned that doesn't handle it?

Does someone know of some switch to enable the Microsoft compiler to
accept strings with newlines?

If so, the setup could perhaps be made to pass this switch to the
compiler when building under Windows.

Or else,..

somebody knows about a script to convert the files to the format the
Microsoft compiler wants? I guess the build compilation could then be
setup to pipe them through this or otherwise convert the files as

Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to hand-hack around this problem,
write a conversion script, or whatever. I will see.

Sorry for any inconvenience so far.


Sverker Nilsson

PS. I know it's not ANSI-correct but why do we have to work to make
our source codes less clear?

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