Newb ?

Chad Everett everettcc at
Wed Nov 16 23:29:51 CET 2005

Hey guys,

Thanks for the hint.
I found that info last night but I could never get it to print more than 
just the last letter.
or it would only print partially.
I was using just a single colon,  the double colon did it.


"Chad Everett" <everettcc at> wrote in message 
news:f1yef.20597$xK1.18635 at
> Hello all,
> Have a problem here with a challenge from a book I am reading.
> Any help is much appreciated.
> I am trying to run a program that asks the user for a statement and then 
> prints it out backwards.
> this is what I have.
> It does not print anything out.  I assume that I have something out of 
> whack with my high and low statements.
> Thanks for you help.
> print "\n\nWelcome to the Backwards Message Display."
> print
> message = raw_input("\nPlease Enter a Message.")
> high = len(message)
> low = -len(message)
> print
> print message[high:low]
> print
> print raw_input("Please Press Enter to Exit")

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