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Steve Holden steve at
Sun Nov 6 03:45:10 CET 2005

Dan M wrote:
> On Sat, 05 Nov 2005 04:26:38 -0600, blahman wrote:
>>ok, i m going to use Linux for my Python Programs, mainly because i 
>>need to see what will these fork() and exec() do. So, can anyone tell 
>>me which flavour of linux i should use, some say that Debian is more 
>>programmer friendly, or shold i use fedora, or Solaris. Because these 
>>three are the only ones i know of that are popular and free.
> Personally I would recommend staying away from Fedora unless you have a
> friend who is well-versed in it and willing to help. I like the
> distributin ok (I run it on the laptop I'm writing this from) but it uses
> RPMs for package distribution, and the rpm tools don't know how to
> automatically downloaded dependencies like yum or apt do. Because of that
> I have to say that the RPM package tools suck quite badly.
> Debian and SUSE are both pretty good choices.

I used yum on Fedora Core 2, and it downloaded and installed 
dependencies fine.

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