Quitting a Tkinter application with confirmation

Peter Kleiweg p.c.j.kleiweg at rug.nl
Thu Nov 17 02:26:10 CET 2005

Fredrik Lundh schreef op de 16e dag van de slachtmaand van het jaar 2005:

> Peter Kleiweg wrote:
> > I want the program to behave identical if the 'close' button of
> > the application window is clicked. I tried the code below,
> > using a class derived from Tk that redefines the destroy
> > method. That seems to work. At least on Linux.
> >
> > My questions:
> >
> > Is this the correct and save way to do this? Will it work on any
> > operating system? Shouldn't I do some event capturing instead?
> the right way to do this is to implement a WM_DELETE_WINDOW
> protocol handler:
> http://effbot.org/tkinterbook/tkinter-events-and-bindings.htm#protocols
> in your case, adding
>     root.protocol("WM_DELETE_WINDOW", root.destroy)
> to the right place should be enough.

Yes, that works.

By the way, this example ends the program with root.destroy().
I used root.quit(). Is there a reason for using one or the other, 
or does it not matter? 

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