Geodetic Functions as DLL

killet at killet at
Tue Nov 22 14:54:29 CET 2005


here is an information for the people who must develop programs with
geodetic background and who asked me for a Englisch documentation of
the geodetic functions included in GeoDLL. The DLL is present now with
a complete English and German documentation!

In the Dynamic Link Library are geodetic functions like coordinate
transformation, reference systems, meridian strip changes, user defined
coordinate and reference systems, distance calculation, maps functions
and other more geodetic functions. Accurate and high performant
coordinate transformations of all EU countries, US and Canadian state
plane, Australien systems and other systems all over the world are
contained. GeoDLL can be bind with different programming languages into
WINDOWS applications. The DLL is delivered with interface source codes
to many programming languages.

You find a free linkable test version of GeoDLL and much more
information on the site

Best regards,

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