Robert Hicks sigzero at
Mon Nov 28 23:27:25 CET 2005

Dave Opstad wrote:
> In article <1133144504.909363.219530 at>,
>  "Robert Hicks" <sigzero at> wrote:
> > How do I set this variable in my .bash_profile? I have the html docs in
> > /usr/local/PythonDocs.
> I have a line in my .profile like this:
> export PYTHONDOCS='/Users/opstad/Documents/Developer
> Docs/Python-Docs-2.4.1'
> So by analogy, you could try adding this to your profile:
> export PYTHONDOCS='/usr/local/PythonDocs'

I have that...and it isn't working with the OSX version of IDLE in the
MacPython folder. If I start Python from the Terminal it works.

Any idea why it doesn't work that way?


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