Python and PL/SQL

Gerhard Häring gh at
Mon Nov 7 15:36:20 CET 2005

infidel wrote:
> vb_bv wrote:
>>Does Pyton PL/SQL programming language of Oracle support?
> PL/SQL is only supported *inside* Oracle databases.  Python can be used
> to call PL/SQL procedures (I recommend the cx_Oracle module), but you
> can't run Python inside the database like PL/SQL.

If one is really really really insisting on running Python code inside 
an Oracle database, I think it could be done: you can write Oracle 
stored procedures in C libraries, Java libraries and even .NET libraries 
(10g on win32). And there are Python implementations for C, Java and .NET.

So much for the theory.

In my not so humble opinion, instead of all this fancy stuff, you will 
be better off writing your stored procedures in PL/SQL, which is a very 
good language for manipulating data, and writing portable, efficient and 
maintainable server-side database code.

-- Gerhard

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