mp3 wav editing in python

Daniel Schüle uval at
Mon Nov 14 19:43:14 CET 2005

yb wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a python based tool to cut mp3 and wav file at a start and end
> time?  I'm looking for a python script that can output a new wav or mp3
> file based on star and endpoint.
> Thank you

there is a wave module

 >>> import wave
 >>> dir(wave)
['Chunk', 'Error', 'WAVE_FORMAT_PCM', 'Wave_read', 'Wave_write', 
'__all__', '__builtin__', '__builtins__', '__doc__', '__file__', 
'__name__', '_array_fmts', 'big_endian', 'open', 'openfp', 'struct']
 >>> wav="/musik/musik/wav/Co - 1.wav")
 >>> wav
<wave.Wave_read instance at 0x403ebbac>
 >>> dir(wav)
['__del__', '__doc__', '__init__', '__module__', '_compname', 
'_comptype', '_convert', '_data_chunk', '_data_seek_needed', '_file', 
'_fmt_chunk_read', '_framerate', '_framesize', '_i_opened_the_file', 
'_nchannels', '_nframes', '_read_fmt_chunk', '_sampwidth', '_soundpos', 
'close', 'getcompname', 'getcomptype', 'getfp', 'getframerate', 
'getmark', 'getmarkers', 'getnchannels', 'getnframes', 'getparams', 
'getsampwidth', 'initfp', 'readframes', 'rewind', 'setpos', 'tell']

 >>> wav.getnchannels()

and so on, this is what google gave me

I did some wave ploting with matplotlib module, so I think
it's feasible to cut and write wave files too

as for mp3, I don't know of any modules
I think mainly because of license issue

you could decode mp3 to wav and process whatever you want to process
but to encode them back into mp3 is a problem
maybe you could use lame or bladeenc as a command line tool

or use ogg instead
there are de/encoders freely available

this may also be interessting to you

hth, Daniel

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