Why are there no ordered dictionaries?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Tue Nov 22 19:03:08 CET 2005

Stuart McGraw wrote:

> Hmm, so two versions means one is a development version,
> and the other is a stable version?  I did not know that, and did
> not see it documented on the site.  I would say documenting
> that would be an interface improvement.

well, that's up to the developer.  when you upload a new version, all
older ones are automagically hidden.  the only way to make old versions
appear again is to "unhide" them via a web form.  for the few packages
I sampled, the older versions were stable, and the latest one was "less
stable", but I didn't check all of the...

> I still think it would be better to have just a package name
> (with current version) listed in the index page(s), and have alternate
> versions (old, alpha testing, etc) listed on the package's description
> page.


a "nonstable"-property in the setup file would be nice too (so that stable
versions don't disappear when you upload an alpha or beta...)


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