wxPython Licence vs GPL

Paul Rubin http
Fri Nov 25 23:04:58 CET 2005

Ed Jensen <ejensen at visi.com> writes:
> I think free software/open source has existed long enough and with
> enough varied licenses (GPL, LGPL, modified LGPL (see wxWidgets), BSD,
> X11, MIT, Apache, etc.) that we'd basically know without question if
> less restritive licenses (like BSD) were causing projects to fail vs.
> projects that use very heavy handed licenses (like GPL).  Apache and
> Python are two of my favorite examples, followed by the *BSD operating
> systems.

Python and *BSD are getting far less volunteer development love than,
say, GCC or Linux, and the licensing is at least part of the reason.
Also, numerous GCC ports done by hardware companies (for their CPU's)
have been released under the GPL that would definitely have been
proprietary if it had been permitted.  That is not speculation, it is
known from discussions with those hardware companies at the time.  G++
(the original C++ front end for GCC) also would have been proprietary.

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