Any college offering Python short term course?

bruce bedouglas at
Mon Nov 21 16:48:27 CET 2005


i'm looking for classes (advanced) in python/php in the bay area as well...
actually i'm looking for the students/teachers/profs of these classes... any
idea as to how to find them. calling the various schools hasn't really been
that helpful. The schools/institutions haven't had a good/large selection...
it appears that some of the classes are taught by adjunct/part-time faculty,
and they're not that easy to get to...

if anybody knows of user-groups that also have this kind of talent, i'd
appreciate it as well...

send responses to the list as well!!!



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I want to learn Python.  I appreciate if someone point me to the
colleges / institutions offering any type of course in Python
programming in the Bay area CA. Please send me the links to my email.



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