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Sun Nov 6 00:35:05 CET 2005

On 2005-11-05, Dan M <dan at> wrote:

> Personally I would recommend staying away from Fedora unless you have a
> friend who is well-versed in it and willing to help. I like the
> distributin ok (I run it on the laptop I'm writing this from) but it uses
> RPMs for package distribution, and the rpm tools don't know how to
> automatically downloaded dependencies like yum or apt do.

Nonsense.  You're comparing apples to oranges.  If you want to
compare rpm with something it would be dpkg. If you want to
talk about yum or apt, then you should be comparing them to
something like urpmi. If you tell it to install package X, it
will analyze prerequisites, and then download and install
everything required.  It works almost exactly like apt-get
does.  Urpmi is text-mode, but there are also GUI front-ends
that do the same thing.

> Because of that I have to say that the RPM package tools suck
> quite badly.

You'd say the same think about Debian if all you had ever used
was dpgk, and I dare you to try to do anything with dselect.

> Debian and SUSE are both pretty good choices.

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