append to non-existing list

bonono at bonono at
Wed Nov 9 15:02:41 CET 2005

Thomas Bellman wrote:
> The next time you go shopping at your local super-market, do
> *not* get a shopping-cart (or shopping-basket, or any similar
> container).  As you pick up the things you want to buy, try
> to put them into the non-existing cart.  Perhaps you will then
> become enlightened.

But in PHP(and I believe Perl), it is more like :

"oops, I need a cart. <shout>Hello, I need a cart here, please" and
magically, someone wheel you a cart which you can put your stuff in.
The "@" is the magic calls for service. So as a customer, this sounds
like better service but that will create problems to the super market
as it need extra staff for this service and the environment is noiser,
that is another story.

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