After migrating from debian to ubuntu, tkinter "hello world" doesn't work

Mandus mandus at
Wed Nov 30 22:19:34 CET 2005

30 Nov 2005 04:23:37 -0800 skrev mortuno at
> Mandus ha escrito:
>> works just fine on my ubunty 5.10. Make sure you have the python2.4-tk
>> package installed (sudo apt-get install python2.4-tk).
> yes, i got it.
> It's a fresh instalation from a cd in a brand new laptop. I tried to
> reinstall python2.4-tk and many other packeges  :-(

If you think it may help, I can drop you my complete 
'dpkg --get-selections'. Just tell me where you want it.

Mandus - the only mandus around.

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