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Wed Nov 16 23:52:32 CET 2005

The Eternal Squire <eternalsquire at> wrote:
> >The legality of copying, modifying and redistributing works should be
> >reformed until it matches a 6th grader's intuitions about sharing.
> A 6th grader also has intuitions regarding the ownership of an idea.
> "It was MY idea!!!"  "No, it's NOT!!!"  "Is TOO!!!"

And what should we teach those children?

"Now children, it can be an idea you *both* have, and you both get the
benefit. Learn to share."

Or, do we instead teach them:

"Excellent children! Keep on fighting over who owns ideas, and never
share them. That's the sort of society we want you to live in."

The more you try to teach them to stop sharing, the more we'll teach
them to share. Keep your propaganda about "sharing == evil" away from

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