How to convert a number to hex number?

Ron Adam rrr at
Thu Nov 10 02:56:38 CET 2005

Klaus Alexander Seistrup wrote:
> Ron Adam wrote:
>>I just happen to have been playing around with converting bases 
>>the last couple of days.  (idonowhy) ;-)
>>Oh yeah,  I was thinking of using base62 to generate non-repeating 
>>id strings and wanted to try it out.
> Shameless plug:
> Have a look at my bconv at <>.  While it 
> doesn't handle base 62, it handles bases 2..36 neatly.
> Cheers,

I took a look, underneath it's pretty much the same as the routines we 

In any case it doesn't address the issue Bengt was refering to either, 
for which I agree could be improved in Python.  For example my hp 
calculator displays base two's compliment for negative binary, octs, and 
hex numbers, and displays -value for decimal numbers.  I think this is 
what he wants along with a prefix to indicate the base.


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