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Yves Glodt y.glodt at
Wed Nov 9 16:00:18 CET 2005

bonono at wrote:
> Thomas Bellman wrote:
>> The next time you go shopping at your local super-market, do
>> *not* get a shopping-cart (or shopping-basket, or any similar
>> container).  As you pick up the things you want to buy, try
>> to put them into the non-existing cart.  Perhaps you will then
>> become enlightened.
> But in PHP(and I believe Perl), it is more like :
> "oops, I need a cart. <shout>Hello, I need a cart here, please" and
> magically, someone wheel you a cart which you can put your stuff in.
> The "@" is the magic calls for service. So as a customer, this sounds
> like better service but that will create problems to the super market
> as it need extra staff for this service and the environment is noiser,
> that is another story.


I will never mention any p-language except python in this list anymore...

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