Zope vs Php

Mike Meyer mwm at mired.org
Fri Nov 18 05:48:24 CET 2005

Jorge Godoy <godoy at ieee.org> writes:
>> While I'm at it - how does KID do for things that aren't HTML?
>> Cheetah integrates with web servers, but can be used to generate
>> nearly anything. I've found that using Cheetah scripts to build
>> Makefiles that run Cheetah scripts to build a dynamically determinedj
>> set of pages to be pretty handy.
> Kid is for XML output.  It won't work with non-HTML output... 
>> And finally - got a URL?
> http://kid.lesscode.org/  ;-)

Thanks. It looks pretty spiffy. I like the idea of incorporating the
templating system into the document via the py:* attributes.

Unfortunately, my tools don't - which is another one of the things I
like about Cheetah: it doesn't interfere with my X/HTML tools. For
instance, I edit attributes by asking the editor to let me edit the
current tags attributes. It opens window with a list of valid
attributes, along with type information about those attributes. I edit
the list, close the window, and it inserts the required attributes,
appropriately quoted, into the tag. I couldn't use that for py:*
attributes without tweaking the DTD for each language I wanted to
edit. Similar problems crop up with the other features that depend on
information from the DTD.

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