path module / class

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Nov 21 03:35:23 CET 2005

Neil Hodgson wrote:
>>> There is a cost to the change as there will be two libraries that 
>>> have to be known to understand code. 
>    At that point I was thinking about os.path and Readers will 
> encounter code that uses both of these libraries.

Okay, granted.  I guess this is the same as in any other case of 
deprecation (e.g. some people still have to work with code that uses 
apply() or string module methods).

> Peter Hansen:
>> We've mandated use of internally for all projects because 
>> we've noticed (especially with non-expert Python programmers... i.e. 
>> junior and intermediate types, and senior types new to Python) a 
>> decrease in errors.  
>    A list of fault reports in this area would be useful evidence. 

Unfortunately, in an agile group such reports tend not to exist, and in 
many cases the errors are caught by a partner even as they are created, 
or by someone refactoring the code a day later.  I have only anecdotal 
evidence, I'm afraid, unless I start digging through past subversion 
revisions in several projects.


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