append to non-existing list

Yves Glodt y.glodt at
Wed Nov 9 14:34:57 CET 2005

bonono at wrote:
> I am afraid you have to either go back to php or whatever programming
> language that fits your style or change your style to fit python.

sorry for offending... I just asked a question, and now I know one more 
thing about python...

And btw I really am surprised by the amount of answers that my question 
rose, in so little time!

thanks all!

> There is a lot I don't like about python but if you have to use it, you
> have to cope with it.
> Yves Glodt wrote:
>> My question is: Is there no way to append to a non existing list?
>> I am lazy for declaring it first, IMHO it bloats the code, and (don't
>> know if it's good to say that here) where I come from (php) I was used
>> to not-needing it...
>> regards,
>> Yves

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