Alan Kennedy alanmk at
Wed Nov 2 16:27:37 CET 2005

[James Stroud]
> Why do my posts get held for suspcious headers

You're probably trying to post through the python-list email address, 
which has had SPAM problems in the past, because the email address has 
been used by spammers as a forged from address, meaning the bounces 
would go to everyone, including being gateway'ed to comp.lang.python, 
which is the NNTP group in which many people read this "list".

Have you tried using an NNTP client instead, or using a web interface 
such as Google Groups?

 > and troll Xha Lee gets to post
> all sorts of profanity and ranting without any problem?

Take a look at the source of XL's messages: he posts through Google 
Groups, thus completely avoiding the SPAM filter on

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