Python and MySQL

Thomas Bartkus thomasbartkus at
Thu Nov 3 18:31:38 CET 2005

"Magnus Lycka" <lycka at> wrote in message
news:dkdbov$s2b$1 at
> Thomas Bartkus wrote:
> > But heck!  Now I'm looking at the /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages on a
> > Mandrake Linux box.  No [_mysql.] pyd here! Fewer files overall and
> > there are other file extensions, everything seems to have a
> > [.py].
> I suspect you might find there. If you find any .pyd files I
> think you can safely remove them, since Windows DLLs work poorly in
> Linux anyway. Aren't you starting to suspect that you don't really know
> what you are talking about in this particular case?


And thank you so much for pointing that out :-)
Thomas Bartkus

> Where is the pure
> Python code that actually communicates with the database server? Have
> you found a single line of code that actually does that? How does it
> communicate? Isn't there an 'import _mysql' somewhere? Where is the
> then?
> What's this?
> What's this doing in
>      'ext_modules': [
>          Extension(
>              name='_mysql',
>              sources=['_mysql.c'],
>              include_dirs=include_dirs,
>              library_dirs=library_dirs,
>              libraries=libraries,
>              extra_compile_args=extra_compile_args,
>              extra_objects=extra_objects,
>              ),
>          ],

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