wxPython : getting started

Peter Milliken peterm at resmed.com.au
Wed Nov 30 04:47:13 CET 2005

The book that Colin points out looks good - but not available until Jan
2006. When it comes out I might buy it - just out of curiosity :-)

Personally I "bounced" when I attempted to learn wxPython - I found it much
easier to learn and use Tkinter combined with Pmw.

I really tried on the wxPython as well - it wasn't just a 1/2hr exercise :-)
I must have spent between 4 - 6 weeks attempting to get my head around it
before giving up. The Pmw/TkInter combination was much easier to get up and
going with. Pmw is incredibly powerful once you get the ghist of its core
i.e. the MegaWidget, MegaArchetype etc.

Having said that, I still have my printer utility (Win32) written using
wxPython - I never could work out how to get that working with Pmw/TkInter.
I just used sockets to transfer the text to be printed between the wxPython
print utility and my TkInter/Pmw based application :-)


"David Sulc" <davidsulc at oleyres.ch> wrote in message
news:438c8dc4$1 at epflnews.epfl.ch...
> Hi !
> I've looked all over (internet, books, etc.) and I haven't found a very
> good ressource to get started with wxPython (yes, I've been through
> their tutorial).
> What I would basically like to do for starters is to be able to define
> the main panel being displayed. For example :
> 1. wxFrame contains a wxPanel  (call it mainPanel).
> 2. mainPanel contains another panel (childPanelA)
> 3. another panel has been defined (childPanelB) but is not displayed
> (the user can only see childPanelA inside mainPanel)
> 4. by clicking on a menu entry (for example), the displayed panel is now
> childPanelA (which is inside mainPanel)
> So how do I do this ? I realize it's a very basic question, but it's
> been driving me mad...
> Also, is there any good open source wxPython program that I could study ?
> Thanks for any help...

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