Tkinter and X11

Philippe C. Martin pmartin at
Mon Nov 7 17:50:21 CET 2005

Thanks jeff,

I actually want that Tkinter application to be the greater: replace gdm....

Still feasible as far as Tkinter is conserned ?

Thanks and regards,


jepler at wrote:

> There should be no problem with this.  After all, even the "greeter" is
> just an
> X application.  Depending on which login manager you use
> (xdm/kdm/gdm/whatever) the details of getting your Tkinter app to actually
> be run will vary, though. In gdm, it looks like adding it to the file
> /etc/X11/gdm/Init/default may be the ticket.
> It is probably best to run
>"rename", "send", "")
> in your program, for the reasons outlined in the send(n) manpage:
>         The  send  command is potentially a serious security loophole. On
>         Unix,
>         any application that can connect to your X server can send 
>         scripts  to
>         your  applications.   These  incoming  scripts  can use Tcl to
>         read and
>         write your files and invoke subprocesses under your  name.
> Jeff

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