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>Aahz wrote:
>>Christoph wrote:
>>>Aahz wrote:
>>>>Christoph wrote:
>>>>>For instance, I just wanted to use the index() method on a tuple which 
>>>>>does not work. ...
>>>>Because Guido believes that tuples should be primarily used as
>>>>lightweight replacements for C structs.  Therefore they have minimal
>>>But the problem is that the tutorials and manuals give the impression 
>>>that the difference between lists and tuples is only mutablity versus 
>>>immutability. They don't talk about such considerations and honestly 
>>>speaking even now I know that it does seem more plausible for me.
>> Then feel free to submit patches for the docs.
>Why should I patch the docs to add things that don't seem plausible for 
>me? I'd rather change the behavior to be more consistent instead 
>tweaking the docs to somehow justify the inconsistent behavior.

The problem is that Guido really is the BDFL.  Unless you change his mind
(and he has been historically firm about the place of tuples), your
option for improving things is to improve the docs, if you care.

>> PS: If you want further responses from me, please follow standard Usenet
>> quoting conventions (like those above).
>I am tempted to answer, "A Foolish Consistency is the Hobgoblin of 
>Little Minds" ;-)
>No honestly, it was not in bad faith. I'm just not a regular usenet user 
>and believed one attribution line per post should suffice. But reading 
>the conventions I agree that they make sense.

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