I Need Motivation Part 2

bruno at modulix onurb at xiludom.gro
Fri Nov 4 11:07:42 CET 2005

blah at blah.blah wrote:
> i m currently in a network (LAN). i started python because i heard 
> that it has great ability for networking programs and/or scripts, but 
> i m losing my motivation with python because there are sooo many 
> modules, that i cant just learn them all,

Why would you learn them all ? Learn the one you need when you need them
- jus don't forget to have a quick look at the existings modules before
reinventing the square wheel (I wrote a Q&D CSV parser before realinzing
there was a pretty good one in the stdlib... But what, my Q&D solution
took me laess than one hour to write and did what it had to do, so...)

> this deters from c or c++ in 
> which there are only a limited number of header files. 

In the stdlib, yes. Now there are thousands of librairies/frameworks
each reimplenting all the basic datastructure and algorithm (strings,
lists, hashtables, trees and the like), so you almost have to learn a
new language each time you use a new library.

> what loses my 
> interest is that if i cant learn these modules,

Once again : you don't have to.

> and there are lots and 
> lots of python modules, how can i ever be a good enough 
> programmer/scripter. 

Like everybody else: write programs. That's the only way to become a

bruno desthuilliers
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