Pythonising the vim (e.g. syntax popups)

Jeffrey Schwab jeff at
Wed Nov 9 20:29:05 CET 2005

Christoph Haas wrote:
> Evening,
> I'm an addicted vim user and don't really use the IDLE for anything more 
> than calculations where I'm too lazy to start KCalc. But one feature is 
> very pretty: the built-in help for function calls while you type. Like you 
> enter...
> var1,var2=mystring.split(
> ...and the IDLE shows me a popup saying...
> "S.split([sep [,maxsplit]]) -> list of strings
> Is there a decent way to get that help into vim? Or like showing docstrings 
> or help that I get through pydoc on request? I've been working myself 
> through a pile of vim macros/plugins but couldn't find even one which 
> simplifies programming in Python. Further issues would be handling the 
> indentation - maybe a plugin which syntax colors different levels of 
> indentation so I don't have to use my plastic ruler on the screen. ;) 
> Perhaps some more experienced Python/Vim users have a tip which macro sets 
> help most here.

Vim is my editor of choice, too.  I've even gone back to Vim from Eclipse.

I believe what you want are "tags."

I have not tried these in Vim yet, although I did use etags with Emacs 
(before I discovered the miracle of Vim).

If you get context-sensitive help to work properly in Vim, please let me 

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