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Thu Nov 3 00:34:47 CET 2005

Peter Notebaert wrote:
> I am new to Python and have to create an import library in C that uses 
> matrices.
> These matrices can be one-dimensional (vectors) or two-dimensional. If I 
> look in the ActivePython 2.4 documentation at data structures, then I see at 
> least 2 posibilities to represent them: Lists and Tuples.
> The documention doesn't give me much information on what the best choice is 
> for the data type to provide/return these matrices.
> So my question is, should I use lists or tuples to represent my matrices in 
> and why?

You'll probably want to use scipy_core. It's a package designed
specifically to deal with multidimensional arrays of homogeneous,
(usually) numeric data.

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