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Terry Hancock hancock at
Thu Nov 3 00:46:46 CET 2005

On Wednesday 02 November 2005 04:58 pm, clinton Brandt wrote:
> Hey I am Learning Blender for 3D mesh design and the current Relese doesnt 
> recognize my python 2.4.1  it stopped at python 2.3. there alpha test of 
> their next release supports py 2.4 but as a noob id like to learn an a less 
> buggy release. so my question is can i install 2 versions of python and if i 
> do, does the newer version hold rank when running .py files. or should i axe 
> the version i have and the start with 2.3 then load 2.4 or what? thanks

Yes, you can have more than one Python installed at once. The trouble
is all with making sure you start the right one when you need it (so
you have to be explicit).

You really should ask this question on a Blender forum, though. I can
recommend: -- users' forum
 (this is your best bet for a simple installation problem). -- blender site and developers' forum
Since Blender embeds its own Python interpreter, there is some question
as to what exactly it means by "recognizing" an installed Python. I'm
guessing it only uses the library.


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