Python as a HTTP Client

James Tanis jtanis at
Thu Nov 10 19:28:46 CET 2005

If you haven't discovered yet I suggest going there :P.
You will find there the documentation you need under the conspicuous
name library reference. Specifically the modules you'd probably most
be interested in are urllib/urllib2/httplib depending on what you
need. Their may be other external modules which fit your task even
better, try doing a search through the Python Package Index..

On 10 Nov 2005 05:02:32 -0800, pinkfloydhomer at
<pinkfloydhomer at> wrote:
> I am writing a program that has to do some lightweight HTTP
> communication with a webserver on the internet. I haven't checked, but
> I'm sure I could do something lowlevel like opening a socket myself and
> then send/receive everything myself on this (how do I do that?), but
> I'd bet that Python have some module which is more high level.
> Something that would just let me connect using an URL, send a few GETs,
> and receive the answer as a string/file etc.
> Does this exist, and where can I read about it?
> /David
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