How to print random strings

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Thu Nov 3 17:25:02 CET 2005

theboringdays at wrote:
> Im at the end of chapter 3 of "Python Programming For The Absolute
> Beginner, Michael Dawson " and he asks to make a fortune program that
> displays a fortune each time its ran, and to have 5 unique fortunes.
> Whats confusing is that, he never discussed how to do this. The only
> thing he talked about was using random.randrange() and I tried that
> with text but it seems like its only for integers as it complains when
> I put text in the argument.
> So how would I go about have 5 strings, and running a program that will
> randomly pick one of those to print?
> I think he may have forgot to cover something?

The fortune cookie program can be made by copying the code for 'Mood
Computer' on page 64 and 65. So it could be something like:

import random
print "Welcome to the Fortune cookie program"
fortune = random.randrange(3)
if fortune == 0:
 print "some fortune1"
elif fortune == 1:
 print "some fortune2"
elif fortune == 2:
 print "some fortune3"

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