AJAX => APAX? Or: is there support for python in browsers?

Alex Martelli aleax at mail.comcast.net
Wed Nov 16 17:53:19 CET 2005

Tim Roberts <timr at probo.com> wrote:
> Internet Explorer will allow any registered ActiveScript language to be
> used in a web page.  Python qualifies.  In the latest Win32 extensions,
> there is a script in win32comext/axscript/client/pyscript.py that will
> register Python as an ActiveScript language.
> The you can say
>   <script language="python">
>   print "<h1>Hello, there.</h1>"
>   </script>

Out of curiosity, how "sandboxed" is this Python?  I remember a similar
solution being withdrawn once because it wasn't really safely sandboxed,
so the ``script'' could easily do any arbitrary damage to the machine...


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